12 October 2011

Super Easy, Super Quick and Super Thick Mayo

Ever since discovering all the nasties in my favorite Hellman's Mayonnaise I was missing it badly and even found several receipts and even tried making my own, but it seemed a bit complicated and needing some special equipment like food processor with the special tiny whole in the lead for pouring oil. I do not have the food processor like that what I have is a hand blender and when I tried following the receipt I felt like I needed another hand to actually hold the oil bottle in it and pour the oil in.

But one day my friend was organising a baby shower for another friend of ours and she made this amazingly simple, quick and delicious dip for the fresh sliced veggies. She gave me the receipt, it was in Russian and it was called '30 Seconds Mayo', my Russian speaking friends can find the original here http://www.carina-forum.com/carina/index.php?topic=15972.0
My English speaking friends please read further.

1 whole egg, organic free, range (the best quality you can find)
200 g extra cold pressed virgin olive oil (depending on the brand it will give the mayo slightly bitter taste, but I got used to it and don't feel it any longer)
1 tbsp lemon juice, freshly squeezed (adjustable)
1 tsp dijon mustard (adjustable)
1 tsp honey, organic raw unheated (adjustable)
1/4 tsp sea salt, unrefined (adjustable)

Hand blender and the tall plastic cup that comes with it or something as narrow as the cup to just fit the blender head.

Put all the ingredients into the tall narrow cup in the sequence that they are listed above. Lower the hand blender into it down all the way to the bottom (if you are using a different container, make sure that it is narrow just to fit the head of the hand blender, because if it is wider this receipt will not work). Swith on the blender and hold it tight at the bottom of the cup without moving for the first 10 seconds. You will the see the mayo thicken up and now you move it up and down to mix all the ingredients.
Taste it with your finger and adjust the taste accordingly.

This is it really. Just scoop it out to the preferable container and store it in the fridge. I have never kept it in the fridge longer then 1 week as I usually eat it all up before that. But remember that all the ingredients are raw so I would not advise to keep it there for longer.

Enjoy and please share your thoughts, especially if anyone tries some additional ingredients in this receipt like herbs, I would love to know how it came out.

You can see this entry here http://kellythekitchenkop.com/2011/10/real-food-wednesday-10122011.html#comment-98680