14 January 2014

Herby Butter

This butter is very versatile and you can use any combination of herbs you like, or just experiment with different ones every time. You can also use twice as much the amount of herbs and the butter will be much greener and more flavoursome.
This recipe is perfect for taking to a party or other occasion as it is relevantly cheap, easy and quick to make and can be used with many things like bread, potatoes and even as a dip.


1 block of organic grass-fed preferably raw unsalted butter (usually 250 g)
you can use salted butter too, then you would not need salt
1 handful of fresh organic parsley stalks with leaves
1 handful of fresh organic basil leaves
1 small clove of organic garlic
unrefined sea salt (to taste)
3-4 drops of organic freshly squeezed lemon juice


food processor or hand blender (optional)
wrap paper from the butter or 250 g glass jar with lid or butter dish with lid


I recommend to leave your butter on the kitchen counter overnight or for at least 2-3 hours so it is soft and pliable. However if you forgot to do that or have no time to wait then just cut up the block of butter into smaller cubes and place in the warm oven for a while but be careful not to melt it to the liquid consistency, it needs to be just soft like this.

Alternatively you can use the cold butter, but it will take more effort and a bit longer to fluff.

Put the butter into the medium bowl and using a wooden spoon or spatula fluff the butter.

Now using your favourite knife and preferably wooden chopping board chop up parsley very fine

place it in your food processor or the cup for the hand blender, if using. If you are not using anything to blend your herbs then just try chopping them as fine as you can and place it straight into the fluffed butter.
Chop the garlic and basil, add them to the parsley and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice. Now blend it if using the blending equipment.

Now add the blended herbs into the fluffed butter and mix everything together, season with sea salt according to your taste.

Taste it for salt and adjust if needed.
Now it is up to you what container you want to use for your herby butter, you can wrap it back into its original wrap or place it into the butter dish with lid or just a random jar with a lid, like I did

Enjoy and please remember to share your favourite combinations in the comments below!!!

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