12 September 2013

Traditional Recipes Bundle!!!


I've spent far too many nights sitting on my couch, when I've either forgotten to make a meal plan or forgotten to print it out (such a tiny thing that is a huge mistake for me!) wondering...what's for dinner? I start to scour the internet for ideas. I ask you, my lovely readers, what you're having. I check out mainstream recipe sites for new dishes that might contain the ingredients I have. I might even pore over my old cookbooks in the kitchen. Just to find some inspiration. But what if you had hundreds of 100% real food recipes at your finger tips? Recipes that could inspire you for a quick meal...teach you to cook with whatever's on hand...help you make real food frugal...or offer gourmet ideas to plug into your meal plans or special nights? A lot of my readers have said they wished that they had something like this. Next Tuesday, I will have the perfect collection for you: the Traditional Recipes Bundle.

Hundreds of Recipes, At Your Finger Tips

The Traditional Recipes Bundle is a collection of 17 different cookbooks from popular and up-and-coming bloggers. In total, there are over 800 different recipes, spanning all meals and snacks!

In this collection, you'll find:

  • *Lots of allergy-friendly books (half or more are GF/CF)
  • *Books to teach you to cook with what you have on hand
  • *Meal planning
  • *Snacks on the go
  • *Freezer cooking
  • *Printable recipe cards
  • *Health benefits of various foods
  • *Healthy desserts
  • *Gourmet meals
  • *Simple, everyday meals
  • *Make-your-own sauces and condiments
  • *...and so much more!

There is truly something for everyone. It is a really amazing and well-rounded collection, too. There are books for dinner, books for snacks, books for breakfast, books for gourmet cooks (not too many), books for brand-new cooks, books to teach you to make your own condiments, books for smoothies.... You name it! If you're a beginning cook, new to real food, or just tired of the "same old" for dinner, this is an entire library of how-to-cook just about anything (including plenty of bonus information on kitchen tools, techniques, pantry staples, meal planning, and more).

What's the Deal?

A collection like this might run you over $100. In fact, the actual value of this collection is around $150. But next week, for five days only, it will be only $14.97. The sale dates are Sept. 17 (Tuesday) through Sept. 21 (Saturday). The sale begins at 9 AM EST on Tuesday, and ends at 11:59 PM on Saturday night. There will be no late sales. Many of these books are brand-new, and have never been included in a bundle before. Out of the 17 books, 10 have never been in other collections. This means that if you choose to purchase, you won't be getting "the same old" stuff. It was important to me to put together a unique bundle. I trust the authors that I chose to include, and I spent months looking and selected very carefully. There are bloggers out there whom I respect and enjoy, but whose books I chose not to include. These are new, unique, and totally real food. Some of the bloggers may be unfamiliar to you but I have worked with all of them in some capacity and I am eager to share their books and their recipes with you. I've even tested some of their recipes! This is also a smaller collection and at a lower price point. There have been other bundles before...plenty of them. I listened to the feedback my readers gave me when I promoted them. They asked for: smaller/less overwhelming collection, lower price, and more focused. That's exactly what this bundle is.

What's In the Bundle?

You might be wondering, what exactly is in the bundle, anyway? Let me tell you all about it.

Kitchen Help

  • Cooking With Coconut Oil by Jennifer Saleem of Hybrid Rasta Mama (68 delicious recipes featuring coconut oil)
  • Design a Dish by Millie Copper of Real Food for Less Money (6 basic formulas for creating recipes with what you have)
  • Restocking the Pantry by Kresha Faber of Nourishing Joy (57 sauces, condiments, and more)
  • Real Food, Real Easy by Angela Montgomery of Real Whole Health (13 frugal, easy recipes)
  • Real Food for Real Homemakers by Jami Balmet of Young Wife’s Guide, Jaimie Ramsey of Living In the Light and Elsie Callender of Richly Rooted (78 basic recipes + printables + how-to-anything in the kitchen -- NEW!)

Main Dishes


Snacks and Sides

Desserts, Baking and Special Occasions

As you can see, there are many amazing selections in here, possibly some you've had your eye on. In this collection, you can get them all for 90% off.

Is There More?

Actually, there is more. :) We'll be offering a few bonus items that anybody who purchases the bundle will get.
  • A coupon code for Real Salt
  • A coupon code for Wise Choice Market
  • A free premium trial membership to Tradishen
  • Simple Natural Health, by Nina of Shalom Mama
  • ...and more (we're still talking to a few excellent companies!)
We'll also be offering a giveaway (and no purchase is required to enter) of a $75 "Healthy" size Healthy Surprise box. By the way, if you are in the real food business and would like to sponsor a giveaway or a bonus offer for this sale, send me an email! We can take companies through Saturday. It's a great way to expose new, motivated readers to your business! kate@modernalternativemama.com. Whew. So, that's the deal. 17 great books, over 800 recipes, for just $14.97 -- plus four or more great bonus offers and a chance to win a Healthy Surprise box. The only catch is that the sale only lasts for five days, Sept. 17 - 21. I really tried hard to put together a collection that would be valuable to as many readers as possible. I hope that you're looking forward to this as much as I am. Don't forget to join us Tuesday at 9 AM to get your copy!

Which book(s) intrigue you the most?