12 September 2013

My first e-book!!!

I am so excited!!! I have written my very first e-book! 

You know how I am converting all these recipes into sourdough ones, well I had an idea of writing a book about it. My book is all about baking with sourdough starter. 

It all started when I learned about the health benefits of the sourdough or wild yeast and at about the same time I discovered how wheat and other grains, if not prepared properly, can cause serious health problems. The problem was that me and my family really love bread and other baked goods and I did not want to exclude them completely from our diet. So I found a way to have my cake and eat it too, literally. Making all those recipes using sourdough starter allowed my family to keep enjoying our favourite foods and at the same time we could maintain our health. This was so exciting! 

I started converting the recipes that used wheat flour into sourdough versions, which came quite naturally and turned out to be easy for me to do. So now whenever I see a new recipe that requires baking with flour I say to myself: 'I bet I can convert this recipe to use the sourdough starter and make it healthier and try to keep it tasty at the same time'. 

At some point I collected so many of those recipes that I decided to put them together in a book and I called the book Sourdough Goodness. But then I realised that I had enough recipes for 2 books and so I decided to divide Sourdough Goodness into 2 volumes. I am happy to announce the release of the Volume 1, the second volume is still in the making and unlike the first volume that has only savoury recipes the second volume will have some sweet recipes as well. 

The book is quite versatile, it contains recipes from different cuisines: Russian, Jewish, English, Italian, French, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Indian, Jamaican.

If you are interested in my book you can get it through AmazonKobobooks or directly here.

I hope you enjoy it and happy reading!!!!!

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